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naruto challenge ⇀ favourite jutsu

Edo Tensei


Uchiha Izuna うちは イズナ and Senju Tobirama 千手扉間


Uchihas by ミン

We’re your friends

We’re your friends to the bitter end (the bitter end)


When you’re alone 

Who comes around

To pluck you up

When you are down


And when you’re outside, looking in

Who’s there to open the door


That’s what friends are for


Who’s always eager to extend

A friendly claw

That’s what friends are for

And when you’re lost in dire need


Who’s at your side at lightning speed

So you can see

We’re friends in need

And friends in need

Are friends indeed

We’ll keep you safe

And that’s what friends are for

-The Jungle Book.

Senju Itama by おの



Excuse me! I’m Shinohara’s underling, Suzuya Juuzou! Sorry I’m late, but I got lost. Please accept my regards.


Tsukishima speed painting, from the previous doodle. XD


Haikyuu A3 print for SMASH this year! \(^o^)/
First time drawing group pic for Haikyuu! (and not KageSuga for once)


From yesterday +*+*

Sugawara : Miyukiko | Sawamura : KniteMaya  | Azumane: Shikiro
Nishinoya :  Cheroppi  | Shimizu: Hoteri